Teeth are a concern with all toy breeds. They have a much higher rate of decay and gingivitis than other breeds. Whether it be genetic or what we choose to feed our dogs, it is something we must keep a watchful eye on as to not have infections develop and the removal of many teeth due to this. We tend to feed the toy breeds a more moist meal. This is important to small puppies that don't eat well or might be experiencing hypoglycemia but a dry kibble or dry treat is essential to help keep down tartar on the teeth.

Many toy breeds have a tendency to retain their puppy teeth when their second teeth are cutting in. You must watch that this doesn't interfere with the way the second teeth are coming in or impair the bite of the dog. You can have your vet remove these extra teeth (usually the canines). Your dog will have to be put under anesthesia to remove these teeth so if at all possible you want to wait as close to a year as you can. Many times these teeth will come out on their own by then but again, you have to be sure that it isn't interfering with the dogs ability to close its mouth properly.

There are new things that breeders are using on their dogs to help with the tartar on the dogs teeth. Do your research on anything that you might be giving to your dog. What might work for one dog may not for another and any medications, vitamins or herbal treatments should be thoroughly researched before administration to your dog.

There are many products out there to brush your dogs teeth. These may be purchased at your local pet supply store. Your vet may carry something for brushing your dogs teeth as well.

Whatever method you use, you should use something to insure proper dental health for your dog.


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